Surgery Activity

Chirk Surgery would like to thank all our patients for their continued support as well as our staff for their tireless dedication and commitment to their work.

To highlight this, we wanted to share our activity board with you which we will update each month.

Despite the high demands for the services we deliver, you will hopefully see we are doing everything possible to ensure that you receive the best service possible within our available resources.


December 2023

  • Number of calls to the surgery 5390                                                                                   
  • Number of calls answered within 2 minutes 2219
  • Number of text messages sent and received 1368
  • Number of items issued on prescription 18517
  • Number of referrals made 360
  • Number of fit (sick) notes issued 96
  • Number of appointments made 2934
  • Number of appointments kept 2801
  • Number of patients who did not attend 133
  • Administrative and digital communications 2943 actioned

Published: Oct 2, 2023

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