Access To Your Medical Information

Groups of GP Practices have been set up across Wales to ensure patients’ needs are met in the best possible way. These are known as ‘Primary Care Clusters’.

GPs will work alongside Nurses, Pharmacists and other health professionals, such as Physiotherapists,sharing their workload.

This will promote greater continuity of care for you as a patient, and ensure better access to services.

It will also mean that, in future, you may be able to receive services that would have previously been delivered in a hospital.


How will my information be kept secure and confidential?

Your information is held on a secure computer system and access to it is strictly controlled, monitored and audited. The GP Practices within the Cluster have signed an agreement, to confirm that their staff will follow strict controls when accessing your information.

All staff receive regular training to ensure your information is kept securely and confidentially in line with data protection legislation


Who will be able to access my medical information?

Within each Cluster, healthcare professionals involved in your care will have access to your medical record.

Cluster Pharmacists may access your records, when for example, undertaking prescription reviews or answering any queries regarding your medication.

Receptionists also have access to carry out tasks such as; processing prescriptions, delivering test results and directing you to an appropriate health professional.

All staff accessing your record will be employed by a practice within this GP Cluster or by the Local Health Board.


When is my information shared?

We will only share your information with staff working in the Cluster (this includes Health Board staff working in the community) who are treating you or supporting your care.

We will not disclose your information to anyone else without your permission unless, there is an exceptional circumstance (i.e. life or death situation) or where the law requires it.


How do I access my medical information?

You have a right under data protection legislation to access or view information the practice holds about you, and to have it amended should it be inaccurate. If you would like to make a request, please contact your practice.


Benefits of sharing your information within a Cluster

  • You will have quicker access to a health professional
  • You won’t need to repeat your medical history to the staff caring for you
  • You will continue to be involved in any decisions about your care
  • You will have a wider range of locations available for consultations
  • You will have a wider range of services available 

If you would like additional information or have any questions regarding access to your record, please ask to speak to the Practice Manager