Ordering a repeat prescription

Repeat prescriptions are issued at the doctors' discretion and are normally for patients on long term treatment.

All repeat prescriptions are computerised and the safest way to order one is to tick the required items on the request slip attached to the prescription.   Please use the post box located near the front entrance of Chirk Surgery when ordering your prescription by hand.   Please allow two working days for us to process your request.


Collecting a Prescription

From 1 July, patients will no longer be able to collect their prescriptions from the surgery reception desk as they will all be sent direct to a pharmacy for dispensing.  Only emergency prescriptions issued by a GP or nurse will be available to collect from the reception desk within the surgery.

From 11 June, all patients who are still coming to the surgery to collect their prescription, will be advised that it will be sent to Rowlands Pharmacy within the Health Centre after 1 July.   Patients will have the option to choose an alternative pharmacy and will be given a slip to complete that can be handed back to reception.

If you wish us to post your prescription to you, you must enclose a stamped addressed envelope. You will be asked to see a doctor every 6 or 12 months to ensure that your treatment is still appropriate.

Repeat Prescription image

You may order your repeat prescription online here. You will need to come into the surgery to request a prescription online activation form. We will need to see a form of Identification before you are given this form.

To avoid errors, and to ensure confidentiality, we do not accept telephone requests for repeat prescriptions.

Repeat Prescriptions