About Your Referral

Your GP has REFERRED you to a hospital specialist for further investigation.  The referrals are sent electronically from the surgery to the hospital once they have been typed up by the secretary.

Should you wish to know how long you will be waiting for an appointment then please ring the designated hospital in 4 weeks’ time.  This gives the hospital the opportunity to get the hospital Consultants to review the referral and decide whether you need to be seen urgently or routinely.  You will then be placed on the appropriate Waiting List for that specialty.

image depicting a doctor

Please be aware that most NHS specialties have a waiting list from 10 – 30+ weeks for routine appointments.  Should your appointment be on an urgent basis then you should expect an appointment within 6-8 weeks.  If you have been referred regarding a suspected cancer then the wait time is approx 2-3 weeks.

If you feel that your symptoms have worsened since your GP appointment,  please make a telephone appointment to speak to the GP who referred you.

To contact Wrexham Maelor Hospital to speak about your referral, please ring: 01978 291100 – ask for the New Patient Booking Centre - then tell them the specialty you have been referred to.