Who Do I See

Did you know that you do not always need to see a GP?  Help is available from other healthcare professionals that work in or alongside us at our practice.

Your Local Pharmacist/Chemist can provide free, confidential NHS advice and treatment for the following conditions:

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Acne Head Lice
Athlete’s Foot Indigestion and Reflux (Age 12 and over)
Back ache (Age 20-55) Ingrowing Toenail
Chicken Pox (Under 14 years old) Intertrigo/Ringworm
Cold Sores Mouth Ulcers (Age 10 and over)
Colic Nappy Rash
Conjunctivitis (Age 2 and over) Oral Thrush
Constipation (Age 10 and over) Scabies (Age 2 and over
Dermatitis Sore Throat and Tonsilitis
Diarrhoea (Age 1 and over) Teething (>3 months old)
Dry Eyes Threadworms (Age 2 and over)
Haemorrhoids Vaginal Thrush (Age 16-60)
Hay Fever Verruca (Age 2 and over)

Your Optician can help you with eye soreness, infection, eye injury and dry eyes.

The practice can refer you to an Advanced Physiotherapist who can help if you have developed a new problem with your back, neck, shoulder, knee or hip.  Please contact the surgery to discuss an appointment.  The Physiotherapist can also administer steroid injections, arrange xrays and make onward referrals when necessary.

If you experience problems with your teeth or gums, please contact your Dentist, who can also prescribe antibiotics if required.

Your local Sexual Health Clinic operates a weekly drop in session at Chirk Hospital when no appointments are necessary.  Alternatively, to make an appointment please call 01978 727197.

When you contact us to make an appointment with one of our GPs, Practice Nurses or Health Care Assistant, a member of our reception team will ask you some questions about the reason for your appointment.  Please answer their questions as this will help them to make an appointment with the most appropriate healthcare professional.