Diabetes Education and Information

As the UK’s population lives longer, more people are living in care homes or being cared for in their own homes. It is estimated that in the UK the current residential and nursing care home population of 450,000 will increase to 1,130,000 in the next 50 years. It is estimated that approximately 1 in 4 care home residents may have diabetes but there are many within care homes that have undiagnosed diabetes.

The aim of this resource is:

  • To provide basic education and information about diabetes
  • To ensure equity of care for all people living with diabetes who are being cared for
  • To support those providing care within the home setting through practical guidance and advice
  • This resource is aimed at people who are caring for older adults with diabetes (in particular a care home/nursing home setting). Our resources are here to help you better your understanding and knowledge of diabetes. If you suspect that someone you care for may be unaware they have symptoms, inform the GP or usual health care professional.

Learn more about Diabetes in our self-help centre and find the Diabetes Care Wales resources and guidance.

Published: Jun 25, 2024

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